Temperature and Temperature/RH Stability Chambers

These stability chambers are designed to provide controlled temperature or temperature and humidity testing environments. These chambers offer FDA and ICH stability testing compliance at a reasonable price. These controlled environments are crucial for product and packaging shelf life stability testing. These accelerated shelf life tests are required in the cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

Conditioned air flows horizontally through louvered portholes that balance air pressure for even distribution across each tray, allowing FDA and ICH stability testing standards to be met at all points in the chamber. Ten levels of stainless steel lipped trays offer 37.5 or 75 square feet (3.5 or 7 square meters) of storage space for products to be tested, depending on the size of the stability chamber. The stainless steel cabinet has heated double-glass doors (optional solid) for quick product identification to minimize door-ajar disruptions. Both the chamber door(s) and control panel are lockable.

Each stability test chamber comes with an alarm to monitor chamber performance. For data recording, we offer an optional chart recorder, or an access port to run sensors from an existing monitoring system through the chamber wall. RS-232 ports or re-transmit outputs for remote monitoring are also available. Ultra-pure DI water re-circulation systems are available for applications where high quality water (required by the humidity generators in the RH models) is not available.

Please see our accessories page for a full list of available options.

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