We offer a wide variety of optional accessories that can be added to our chambers to meet the needs of many specialized applications. These include:

  • Audible/Visual hi-low temp alarm, standard
    • With battery back-up
    • With relay for connection to a dialer
  • Audible/Visual hi-low temp/RH alarm (for chambers with microprocessor-controlled RH only)
  • Access port, covered, 2” diameter
  • Access for wiring (Swagelok®)
  • Clock, digital, to control lights or microprocessor
  • Coated coil, to resist corrosive vapors
  • Control panel cover, lockable Plexiglas©
  • Data pack, mountable stainless steel instrument panel with temperature recorder and standard A/V alarm (optional alarm relay)
  • Dimmer switches (LED lighting only)
  • Door, opaque (no light penetration)
  • Door lock, per hinged door or set of gliding doors
  • Drawers, stainless steel
  • Extra deep cabinet (31” interior/36” exterior), not available in single door sizes
  • Floor drain, 1.25” diameter
  • Hot gas bypass (HGBP), single or dual valves
  • Horizontal air flow ducts
  • Humidity generator, ultrasonic RH, digitally-controlled and tap-water fed – available on models with stainless steel or aluminum interior/exterior and hinged doors only
  • Humidity meter
  • Lamp set with two or three lights pigtailed together, one plug, fluorescent or LED
  • Microprocessor options (not available on standard refrigerators or freezer)
    • Retransmit output (0-5, 1-5, 0-10 vDC, or 0-20, 4-20 mAmp)
    • RS232 port
  • Outlet, vapor-proof duplex
  • Pass-thru options, not available on single-door models
  • Power switch, key on/off
  • Remote compressor package
  • Seismic bolting kit
  • Shelf, epoxy-coated steel wire, size depends on model: 21” x 17”, 24” x 24”, 24” x 28”, or 24”x 32”
  • Stainless steel interior or exterior
  • Stacking kit for undercounter models
  • Temperature control, multipoint ramp and soak processor
  • Thermoelectric (Peltier) cooling for some applications
  • Thermometer, temperature recording, 6” seven day
  • Thermometer, temp/RH recording, 10” seven day (for chambers with microprocessor-controlled RH only)
  • Ventilation system, fresh air for plants/animals
  • Vibration reduction package
  • Voltage conversions, to 230V/50h, 220V/50h, 220V/60h
  • Wooden crate, for export

Looking to add something to a chamber that you don’t see above?

Tell us what you need and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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