About Us

Powers has been manufacturing refrigerated equipment since the 1930’s in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Powers Scientific, Inc. was established in 1984 to design, develop, and market environmentally controlled chambers for scientific research throughout the world.

We are a small, privately-owned, experienced company with the desire to be easily accessible – for orders or problem resolution. We try to build chambers that will satisfy the end user and provide many years of service. Word of mouth recommendations and representatives happy to carry our line have greatly contributed to the longevity and success of our company.

We offer a broad range of environmental chambers to meet researchers’ needs. Temperature, humidity, lighting, fresh air ventilation, and vibration are some the critical parameters our chambers can be designed to control. You won’t pay for options you don’t need, and you won’t keep on paying with high energy bills; our chambers are designed to be energy efficient. Our chamber are CFC-free as well.

Our standard line comprises undercounter and reach-in models with capacities ranging from 6 to 79 cubic feet. They can be used for applications ranging from insect or rodent research, to vaccine storage, to shelf-life stability testing. Most chambers can be customized to meet specific needs at a reasonable cost. All of our chambers are made in the USA.

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