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Rodent Incubators

Two door Rodent incubator RIS70SD with chart recorderThese chambers offer a temperature and lighting controlled environment with 0-15 fresh air exchanges per hour (adjustable). The chambers have a temperature range of 6.5-50°C, and this flexibility makes our incubators perfect for housing many species of caged rodents or other small animals. For example, rats, mice and squirrels have all been housed in our incubators. Our chambers are built to order, allowing the individual researcher to tailor the incubator to fit the required parameters without paying for features that aren’t needed.

Rodent IncubatorEach incubator comes equipped with features such as clock-controlled lighting, solid doors, an interior outlet and access port, doors locks, an audible/visual alarm with relay, stainless steel construction, and casters. Many other options are available, including additional lighting or LED lighting, dual or multi-point temperature control for temperature stressing, vibration reduction, top-mounted or remote compressors, extra-deep sizes, or RS-232 or data retransmit outputs.

Please see our Accessories page for a complete list of available options.

Powers Scientific rodent incubator specification table RIS26 RIS28 RIS33 RIT33 RIS52 RIS70 RIS77

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