Photostability Chambers

Photostability chambers provide high intensity lighting in the 300-700 nm range at a uniform temperature of 25°C ± 2°C, for Option II Photostability Testing in accordance with the ICH guidelines. Each lamp bank has both black lights and cool white fluorescent lights, arranged to provide a circular area on the shelf below for testing product, with ±10% maximum variance in light intensity. Switches on each bank allow all the cool white lights or all the black lights to be turned off, if desired. A digital timer is included to turn off the black lights when the samples have reached maximum UV exposure (the UV portion of the test is much faster than the visible light portion).

A temperature failsafe and lockable solid doors protect the samples from temperature excursions and light disruption. Many options are available, including a cool white light timer, A/V temp alarm, and cool white and black light meters (hand held). These chambers are fully burned in and certified for temperature uniformity and light intensity in the circular area on each shelf before shipping.

Accessories such as an A/V hi-low alarm, chart recorder, or access port for remote monitoring are popular options. For a complete list of available options, see our accessories page.


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