Protein Crystal Growth Chambers

Protein crystals have been grown in our chambers for over 25 years. The uniform temperature and low vibration environment these incubators provide allows for optimum crystalline development. Ten stainless steel trays per door offer 37.5 or 75 square feet of shelf space (depending on the model), with horizontal air flow across each tray. Microprocessor temperature control combined with the horizontal air flow maintains temperature uniformity to within ±1°C of the setpoint. A hi/low alarm monitors chamber temperature, and electronic failsafes shut it down to preserve the chamber in the unlikely event of a temperature excursion. These models sit on vibration absorbing pads to isolate them from floor vibrations, and all metal to metal contact inside the chamber is dampened.

Options such as a chart recorder, RS-232 or re-transmits for computer monitoring and recording, solid doors, access ports, a lockable Plexiglas© control cover, etc. are available. See our Accessories page for more information about available options.


Powers Scientific PCT33SD Protein Crystal Growth Chamber
Powers Scientific Protein Crystal Growth Chambers

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