Pharmacy Refrigerators

Pharmacy Refrigerators have all the features needed to store medicine at the correct temperature. They come with an easily readable digital touch-screen display, making temperature monitoring a snap. Temperature data is stored on a mini SD card, which can be downloaded to Excel, allowing you to review the chamber’s historical temperature performance graphically.

A high/low temperature alarm alerts personnel to temperature excursions (e.g. if the door is left open too long, or a power outage occurs), and the alarm relay can be connected to a lab or pharmacy monitoring system. These refrigerators have glass doors, and the larger (2- and 3-door) models come with your choice of hinged (SD) or gliding (GD) doors.

The single-door models are capable of maintaining a temperature of 2-8°C throughout the chamber (when set at 5°C), making them a great option for vaccine storage if you need the built-in alarm and temperature monitoring. If you looking for a single-door vaccine refrigerator and already have your own data logger, check out our lab refrigerators, which feature the same performance as the pharmacy refrigerators but without the temperature recording and alarm. If you need a larger (43+ cubic feet) vaccine storage solution, take a look at our constant temperature refrigerators, all of which can maintain 2-8°C throughout.

There are many options available including additional shelves, drawers, solid doors, door locks, and full stainless steel construction. Check out our accessories page for a complete listing of available options.

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