Pass-Thru Refrigerators

Pass-thru pharmacy refrigerators have sets of doors on both the front and back faces of the chamber. Typically the doors are the hinged type (swinging) which tightly seal in the refrigerated air to help maintain critical temperature uniformity. However, gliding doors offer a space advantage in tight passageways and are often preferred on one side of the unit.

Pass-thru pharmacy refrigerators come with an easily readable digital display, making temperature monitoring a snap. Also, an included high/low temperature alarm alerts personnel to temperature excursions (e.g. if the door is left open too long, or a power outage occurs). An access port is also included for easy passing of probes from temperature monitoring/recording instruments into the chamber.

Frequently requested options, such as an extra-deep size for 10% more space, stainless steel interior or exterior, trim kit, or chart recorder can be found on our accessories page.

Powers Scientific PS79SDSD Pass-thru Lab Pharmacy Refrigerator
Powers Scientific PS79SDSD Pass-thru Lab Pharmacy Refrigerator Side View
Powers Scientific Pass-thru Pharmacy Refrigerators

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