Humidified Incubator

If your research requires warm temperatures, controlled additive humidity (>60% RH), and little or no light – these chambers should meet your needs. With an operating temperature range of 18-50°C, ±1°C measured at the sensor, and three humidity source options to choose from, these incubators provide the perfect environment for a wide range of uses, including ninhydrin testing, drywall (gypsum) stability, cement curing stability, product/packaging shelf life testing as well as other scientific applications.

Chamber conditions are monitored and displayed digitally on twin microprocessors. Air flows vertically up through the shelves, and interior lighting allows viewing or product identification through the glass doors. The rugged stainless steel cabinet rolls easily on casters.

Our chambers are built to order and are very customizable. See our Accessories page for a complete list of available options.

Powers Scientific humidified incubators specification table HIS26 HIS28 HIS33 HIT52 HIS52 HIT89

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