Drosophila fly or mosquito incubator level 3

Drosophila chambers offer a comfortable and controlled environment for breeding, rearing, incubating or experimenting with various insects. Species that are commonly raised in our insect growth chambers include Drosophila melanogaster (the common fruit fly), mosquitos, and sand flies. These chambers have a 15-60°C temperature range, with a digital temperature control and display. This temperature flexibility allows our incubators to be used in the rearing of many different types of insects, not just fruit flies and mosquitos.

Temperature failsafes are included to protect the chamber in the unlikely event of a temperature excursion. Casters, epoxy-coated wire shelves and a 60°C mite cycle are standard features on all models. In addition, there are two types of refrigeration systems to choose from: a standard R134A vapor cycle with an Electrofin coated coil, or a thermoelectric (Peltier) cooler. Additionally, there are many available options to customize the chamber to meet your specific needs. See our Accessories page for a complete list of these options.

Since different insect species demand differing levels of temperature/humidity/lighting for proper growth, and because every researcher’s needs are different, three levels of parameter control are offered on most chambers. When requesting a price quotation, please specify the model and level of the incubator that interests you.

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Powers scientific drosophila fly or mosquito rearing chamber specification table DROS27 DROS26 DROS28 DROS33 DROT33 DROS52