Chromatography Refrigators for Protein Purifiers

Newly updated to accommodate the use of protein purifiers within the chamber, our chromatography refrigerators can compensate for the heat created by such devices running inside the refrigerator. You can put equipment generating up to 400 watts of heat inside the chamber* and still keep the research materials at 5.5°C without overworking the refrigeration system.

Our chambers come equipped with two access ports and an interior duplex outlet to function as an extension cord for equipment, such as protein purifiers. Three levels of shelving, adjustable every ½”, are also included. Casters, installed after the refrigerator is moved into your lab, allow the cabinet to roll away from the wall for access to the power cord or compressor cavity.

Our standard chromatography refrigerators have 24” deep shelves, but for applications requiring slightly more space, we also offer an extra-deep size with 28” deep shelving. Please look over our Accessories page to see the full list of options available on our equipment.

Powers Scientific Chromatography Refrigerators for Protein Purifiers

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