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Plant Tissue Culture Chambers

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 in Plant Growth and Tissue Culture Chambers

arabidopsis plant tissue culture incubator/growth chamber

Our Model TCS33SD plant tissue culture chamber was designed for micropropagating Arabidopsis thaliana or other species from plant tissue cultures in tightly controlled temperature and lighting conditions. This plant growth chamber has four slide out shelves, with low velocity conditioned air delivered uniformly under each shelf from a louvered plenum running down the rear wall of the chamber and extending under each shelf. The louvers are adjustable so that very tight temperature uniformity can be achieved throughout the chamber at different temperatures (air density changes with temperature).

There are six fixed lamp positions over each shelf to deliver high intensity visible light, visible/black light combinations, or other light combinations that can be stepped on/off. The highly reflective white walls increase the effectiveness of the lamps, as they are sized to reach fully across each shelf. A free floating temperature sensor can be placed at the level of the Arabidopsis or other research material in the center of the shelf, so the correct temperature is delivered with plus or minus 1°C accuracy. The chamber can be run at temperatures as low as 7°C with lights on (for vernalization studies). It is also capable of functioning as an incubator, reaching temperatures of 40°C or higher, if needed. This temperature flexibility helps support the growth of plant tissue cultures in many different experimental setups.

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Plant Tissue Culture chamber specification table

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Diurnal Plant Growth or Seed Germination Chambers

Posted on Sep 19, 2012 in Plant Growth and Tissue Culture Chambers

Diurnal Plant Growth and Seed Germination Chamber

Developed with Mother Nature in mind, these chambers offer digitally controlled temperature and lighting, with day/night cycles to simulate the nurturing environment seeds and plants need for successful growth. The standard models shown below feature clock controlled temperature (hi/low) and lighting (on/off) suitable for studying seed germination and growth in many plant species. These chambers have a temperature range of 2-50°C, ± 1°C at the sensor, and failsafes to protect the chamber in the unlikely event of a temperature excursion.

For plants or experiments with more rigorous requirements, many options can be selected: stepping up the temperature control to a multi-point “ramp and soak” microprocessor, increasing the number of lights (vertically, horizontally, or both), installing a fresh air intake, substituting LED lighting, including additive RH generation, or adding horizontal air flow ducts for better temperature uniformity under the lights. See our Accessories page for a list of available options.

diurnal plant growth or seed germination chamber specification tableFor more information or to request a quote, visit our Contact Us page or call us at (800) 998-0500.

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