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Refrigerators and Freezers


Powers Scientific offers a wide array of refrigerators to suit many applications such as vaccine storage, reagent storage, liquid chromatography, flammable liquid storage, and more. 




Powers Scientific offers many different incubators to suit a variety of applications. With our refrigerated incubators capable of operating across a temperature range of 2-50°C, and our humidified incubators capable of reaching 80% RH, we can provide chambers for applications ranging from BOD studies, to zebrafish research, to ninhydrin acceleration and more.

Rodent Incubators


With a temperature range of 6.5-50°C, our rodent incubators offer flexibility in environmental conditions for rodent housing. These chambers utilize a fresh air ventiliation system capable of 15 air exchanges per hour, and come equipped with clock-controlled lights among other features.

Drosophila and Small Insect Chambers


Our flexible insect chambers are designed for research applications involving Drosophila melanogaster, mosquitos, or other insects. The chambers can be outfitted with timed lighting and/or additive humidity generation, among other options.

Diurnal Plant Growth Chambers


When you need day/night temperature and lighting control for plant studies, our diurnal chambers can meet your needs. These chambers are also capable of running cold studies; they have an operating temperature range from 2-50°C. 

Plant Tissue Culture Chambers


Our plant tissue culture chamber was designed for micro-propagating Arabidopsis thaliana or other plant species from tissue cultures. These chambers can operate from a low of 5°C (lights off) to a high of 50°C (lights on). 

Protein Crystal Growth Chambers


Powers Scientific crystal growth chambers provide a temperature-controlled, low-vibration environment to allow for optimum crystalline development. Low-vibration packages are also available for any of our refrigerated incubator models.

Temperature and Temperature/RH Stability Chambers


For shelf life stability testing in the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and nutraceutical industries, our stability chambers are designed to provide controlled temperature and humidity testing environments in accordance with FDA and ICH guidelines. 

Photostability Chambers


Photostability chambers provide high intensity lighting for pharmaceutical stability studies conducted under ICH guidelines. Each shelf has a light array that combines black and cool white fluorescent bulbs to satisfy the ICH definition for Option 2 lighting. 

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