powers scientific pharmacy refrigerators pictureWhen it comes to refrigerators for vaccine storage, Powers Scientific offers several options. For most users, our Pharmacy Refrigerators are the best option for storing vaccines. Our ZNX controller keeps the temperature well within the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) required temperature range of 2-8°C throughout on the 10, 24, and 27 cubic foot models. You can also use the display to scroll back in time indefinitely to see how the refrigerator performed after office hours. A built in hi/low temp alarm with relay can be wired directly to your building alarm or to a separate dialer, while a mini SD card stores all the temperature data for future viewing/storing in an Excel spreadsheet. The small size of the Model PS26SDZ unit (just 5’4″/1.6 m tall and 2’2″/66 cm wide), along with its pre-installed casters, allows it to be rolled directly out of the crate and easily moved into a doctor’s office.

For customers looking for a larger capacity vaccine storage solution, our 2-8°C Constant Temperature Refrigerators should meet your needs. Our Constant Temperature Refrigerators come in seven sizes, up to a maximum capacity of 59 cubic feet. All of these models meet the USP temperature requirements.

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