Christmas TreeMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Powers Scientific!

We wish you the happiest of holidays! May you be joyful, well rested, and healthily fed, so that the spirit of the season can perform its magic on you.

‘Tis is the season of generosity, when we at Powers Scientific usually take time to thank our reps and customers with gifts of chocolate or other delicious edibles. This year, though, we decided to take an approach that would benefit more than just our close contacts. Rather than send out presents, we gave the money we would have spent on treats to a source that could spread charity and well-being throughout the world: Doctors Without Borders.

Doctors Without Borders was created in 1971 under the belief that all people deserve access to medical care regardless of race, religion, or other factors, and that this right goes beyond national borders. Doctors Without Borders actively provides health care and medical training in in about 70 countries, including conflict areas such as Cambodia, Libya, and Sri Lanka, among others.

For more information on Doctors Without Borders, see their website. Happy Holidays and Happy 2016!