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Chromatography Refrigerators

Posted on Jan 5, 2016 in Featured, Refrigerators and Freezers

chromatography refrigerator for protein purifiers pictureNewly updated to accommodate the use of protein purifiers within the chamber, our chromatography refrigerators can compensate for the heat created by such devices running inside the refrigerator. You can put equipment generating up to 400 watts of heat inside the chamber and still keep the research materials at 5.5°C without overworking the refrigeration system.

Our chambers come equipped with two access ports and an interior duplex outlet to function as an extension cord for equipment, such as protein purifiers. Three levels of shelving, adjustable every ½”, are also included. Casters, installed after the refrigerator is moved into your lab, allow the cabinet to roll away from the wall for access to the power cord or compressor cavity.

Our standard chromatography refrigerators have 24” deep shelves, but for applications requiring slightly more space, we also offer an extra-deep size with 28” deep shelving. Please look over our Accessories page to see the full list of options available on our equipment.

chromatography refrigerator for protein purifiers specification tableFor more information or to request a quote, visit our Contact Us page or call us at (800) 998-0500.

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Vaccine Refrigerators

Posted on Aug 12, 2015 in Featured

powers scientific pharmacy refrigerators pictureWhen it comes to refrigerators for vaccine storage, Powers Scientific offers several options. For most users, our Pharmacy Refrigerators are the best option for storing vaccines. Our ZNX controller keeps the temperature well within the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) required temperature range of 2-8°C throughout on the 10, 24, and 27 cubic foot models. You can also use the display to scroll back in time indefinitely to see how the refrigerator performed after office hours. A built in hi/low temp alarm with relay can be wired directly to your building alarm or to a separate dialer, while a mini SD card stores all the temperature data for future viewing/storing in an Excel spreadsheet. The small size of the Model PS26SDZ unit (just 5’4″/1.6 m tall and 2’2″/66 cm wide), along with its pre-installed casters, allows it to be rolled directly out of the crate and easily moved into a doctor’s office.

For customers looking for a larger capacity vaccine storage solution, our 2-8°C Constant Temperature Refrigerators should meet your needs. Our Constant Temperature Refrigerators come in seven sizes, up to a maximum capacity of 59 cubic feet. All of these models meet the USP temperature requirements.

For more information, or to request a quote, visit our Contact Us page or call us at (800) 998-0500.

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Protein Crystal Growth Chambers

Posted on Oct 12, 2012 in Featured, Protein Crystal Growth Chambers

Protein Crystal Growth Chambers

Protein crystals have been grown in our chambers for over 20 years. The uniform temperature and low vibration environment these incubators provide allows for optimum crystalline development. Ten stainless steel trays per door offer 37.5 or 75 square feet of shelf space (depending on the model), with horizontal air flow across each tray. Microprocessor temperature control combined with the horizontal air flow maintains temperature uniformity to within ±1°C of the setpoint. A hi/low alarm monitors chamber temperature, and electronic failsafes shut it down to preserve the chamber in the unlikely event of a temperature excursion. These models sit on vibration absorbing pads to isolate them from floor vibrations, and all metal to metal contact inside the chamber is dampened.

Options such as a chart recorder, RS-232 or re-transmits for computer monitoring and recording, solid doors, access ports, a lockable Plexiglas© control cover, etc. are available. See our Accessories page for more information about available options.

crystallization incubator specification tableFor more information or to request a quote, visit our Contact Us page or call us at (800) 998-0500.

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Rodent Incubators

Posted on Oct 12, 2012 in Featured, Insect or Rodent Incubators


Two door Rodent incubator RIS70SD with chart recorderThese chambers offer a temperature and lighting controlled environment with 0-15 fresh air exchanges per hour (adjustable). The chambers have a temperature range of 6.5-50°C, and this flexibility makes our incubators perfect for housing many species of caged rodents or other small animals. For example, rats, mice and squirrels have all been housed in our incubators. Our chambers are built to order, allowing the individual researcher to tailor the incubator to fit the required parameters without paying for features that aren’t needed.

Rodent IncubatorEach incubator comes equipped with features such as clock-controlled lighting, solid doors, an interior outlet and access port, doors locks, an audible/visual alarm with relay, stainless steel construction, and casters. Many other options are available, including additional lighting or LED lighting, dual or multi-point temperature control for temperature stressing, vibration reduction, top-mounted or remote compressors, extra-deep sizes, or RS-232 or data retransmit outputs.

Please see our Accessories page for a complete list of available options.

Rodent incubator specification table


For more information or to request a quote, visit our Contact Us page or call us at (800) 998-0500.


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